Steve grew the business, whilst Tracy was in charge of HR and payroll and bringing up their family. Now, all three of his children have full or part time jobs connected with the family business, including recruitment companies, estate agents and the online retailer and get their drive to work hard from their parents as Steve did himself.

Since Steve was part of BBC1’s prime-time programme Pound Wars his profile has risen considerably.  In addition to this, there was a Real Stories programme about him on ITV1 and he and Tracy were seen house hunting in the recent Million Pound Properties series on Channel 4.  Steve is also regularly interviewed on national and local TV and radio and in numerous newspapers and magazines.

The Smiths are a dynamic and intriguing family! It is clear that the entrepreneurial spirit runs through the blood of the entire family.

Steve Smith

Tracy Smith

They say that behind every successful man is a woman and that is certainly the case for Steven! Tracy, Steven’s wife, was a key part of the business success from the early days, stacking shelves to overseeing payroll and HR right through to mass expansion and the sale of the business. To this day, Tracy plays a key role in all of the Smith family business dealings as well as organising the entire household.

Steve Smith

Katie Smith

Katie has always been involved within the Smith family empire having started working for her uncle 10 years ago before taking on the accounts for the family businesses. Katie loves working at close quarters with her family but readily admits whilst its good fun there can be challenging moments!

Steve Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is Steven’s eldest son and has been interested in the business from a young age. It started with Ashley convincing his father Steven to take him to a meeting when he was just 10 years old. Just over a decade later Ashley founded a highly successful online retail business. He is fast catching his successful father and believes this is the year that he will out run him!

Steve Smith

Joe Smith

The youngest of Steven and Tracy’s children, at 17 years old Joe is studying at college but is very keen to join the family business in a more permanent capacity. To date, Joe has spent many evenings, weekends and holidays in the different Smith family businesses learning from the ground up with a passionate interest in technology; Joe is keen to bring some of the latest developments into the family empire. Watch this space… it is clear that Joe has some tricks up his sleeve…



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