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Living Pound To Mouth – The Sun

Living Pound To Mouth – The Sun 768 480 Steven Smith

Poundland founder lives in 13-bedroom mansion after selling chain for £50 million… but he does his own dental work with £1 superglue. 

The penny-pinching multi-millionaire also spends an hour at night making sure his lights are turned off and traded his lawnmower in for llamas to save money

  • Steve Smith splashed out on a £120,00 Lamborghini after selling Poundland for £50 million


  • But the multi-millionaire later traded in his flash sports car for a more economical £7,000 Vauxhall Corsa

SUPER-wealthy Poundland founder Steve Smith does his own dental work with a £1 tube of superglue.

The multi-millionaire lives in a 13-bedroom mansion after selling the chain for £50million.

But Steve admits he goes to extraordinary lengths to count the pennies.

As well as the DIY work on chipped gnashers, he spends an hour a night switching off lights to cut his electricity bill.

And he has traded in the £120,000 Lamborghini he bought with his windfall for a £7,000 Vauxhall Corsa.

  • The penny-pinching Poundland founder lives with his wife Tracy in a mansion complete with swimming pool

  • Rather than paying for gardeners to cut his lawn, Steve has bought a herd of llamas

Steve, who set up in 2014, added: “I always buy holidays early and have my shoes resoled. I’ve learned to service my car so I don’t need a mechanic.

“There are plenty of ways like that to save money if you think about it.”

The dad of three, who lives with wife Tracy in the Shropshire mansion, appears on Channel 4’s How’d You Get So Rich, at 10pm on Monday.

  • Steve and Tracey live in a plush 13-bedroom mansion in Shropshire

  • But Steve does his own dental work with £1 tubes of superglue

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