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From market stall to millionaire

Steve explains his early background working on his father’s market stall as a young child, to building up Poundland and now his latest business ventures, as well as his advice…

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Interview with Steven Smith @ The Business Show 2018

Steven Smith, Founder of Poundland: Britain’s Favorite Retailer tells us about how he started from a market stall to multi million pound business. He gives insights on Poundlands formation, driving…

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Pound Flippin’
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Exclusive Video With Steve Smith – Sikh Channel

You can watch an exclusive interview with Steven Smith on the wonderful Sikh Channel by clicking here and watching on Facebook.

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Living Pound To Mouth – The Sun

Poundland founder lives in 13-bedroom mansion after selling chain for £50 million… but he does his own dental work with £1 superglue.  The penny-pinching multi-millionaire also spends an hour at…

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What surprised me about the rich? I didn’t hate them

Comedian Katherine Ryan was refreshed, if daunted, seeing the graft that goes into being a millionaire Can money really buy you happiness? I’ve met some of the world’s richest people…

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The Smiths Visit 10 Downing Street

Tracy and I was inviting to 10 Downing Street by Samantha Cameron. Unfortunately her husband David could not be their on the night.  Looking at working with her on charity…

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Steven Smith – Showreel