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Interview with Steven Smith @ The Business Show 2018

Steven Smith, Founder of Poundland: Britain’s Favorite Retailer tells us about how he started from a market stall to multi million pound business. He gives insights on Poundlands formation, driving…

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What surprised me about the rich? I didn’t hate them

Comedian Katherine Ryan was refreshed, if daunted, seeing the graft that goes into being a millionaire Can money really buy you happiness? I’ve met some of the world’s richest people…

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The Smiths Visit 10 Downing Street

Tracy and I was inviting to 10 Downing Street by Samantha Cameron. Unfortunately her husband David could not be their on the night.  Looking at working with her on charity…

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Steven Smith – Showreel
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Steven Smith takes to the skies

Steven passed his helicopter test a few years back and is an expert pilot who likes nothing more than taking to the skies in one of these two beautiful machines, a…

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Poundshop – Coronation Street was name checked on Coronation Street.

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How Poundland’s founder got his inspiration

The other day I found myself amidst the stalls of Bilston Market, not far from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. The other day I found myself amidst the stalls of…

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Revealed: The secrets of pound shop tycoon Steve Smith

HE FAMOUSLY pocketed £50million in 2001 when he sold his share of the Poundland retail empire he founded 11 years earlier. So who could blame Steve Smith for splashing some…

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